Abu Bakr Masjid
Masjid Opening times: 15mins before/after each prayer

Read more about the opening time and guidelines.


Your Mosque needs you for its continuous running and maintenance! Please donate generously. Account Name: Cambridge Muslim Welfare Society Account Number: 01672856 Sort-code: 30-13-55 Jazaak Allah.

Welcome to abu bakr siddiq mosque also known as the cambridge mosque

Abu bakr mosque online broadcast is back.

6:15am Surah Rahman and hadith session (Urdu)

9:15pm Surah Mulk and hadith session (English)

AbuBakr is now open!

With strict and safety measures in place, AbuBakr is now open for the daily 5 prayers opening and closing 15 minutes before and after each prayer.


See guidelines on the compliance of safety measures in the mosque. It is very important that we all respect these guidelines and help the mosque during its opening times.


The Mosque needs your support desperately

Please help by making bank transfer or you can pay at any Lloyds Bank branch or setting up a standing order with the following details

Name of Account: Cambridge Muslim Welfare Society
Sort Code 30-13-55
Account No. 01672856

You can also put your donations in an envelop with details in Mosque Post Box.

References: Mosque Donation, Zakat, Sadaka

It is important you put the correct reference for whichever fund you are donating to (Bank or By Envelope).

Jazakumullah Khairan - may Allah reward you all for your continuous support

Live talk from the mosque

Please note the PLAY button will only appear if there is a talk currently happening in the mosque, if there is no play button it means there is no talk currently happening.

Imam A Karim is on Mixlr

Asalaamo Alaikum Wa Rahmatoolahi Wa Barakatahu

Abu Bakr mosque also known as THE CAMBRIDGE MOSQUE is the oldest mosque in Cambridge since 1981. The mosque has been serving the community since then and will carry on performing its duties in the future.

The doors of the mosque is not only open for muslims but also for all other communities. Mosque visits are most welcome.

Abu bakr mosque welcome all Islamic Scholars to present talk and share islamic knowledge. They are also welcome to give Jumuah Sermon.

Please consider our neighbours when coming to the masjid all the time. Please park your vehicle / bike sensibly, safely and securely. Be mindful of the 24 hours no parking as shown by double yellow lines.

PROPHET MUHAMMAD (s.a.w) said: Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day, let him treat his neighbour well. [SAHIH BUKHARI Vol #7, Hadith #5185]

Activities in the centre

  • Nikah performed
  • Funeral services
  • Collection of clothes for charity - please bring clothes fit for purpose
  • Daily hadith circle after every prayer (home listeners as well)
  • Free of charge Arabic classes
  • After school Madrassah for boys and girls Mon-Fri at 5pm - 7pm
  • Weekend Madrassah on Saturday at 9.45am - 1.45pm
  • Tazkia classes for both men and women every friday at 7pm
  • Ladies classes to learn tajweed and tafseer at 6pm - 8pm
  • Classes for both men and women reverts every Friday

About Us

  • We are located at 1A Mawson Rd, Cambridge CB1 2DZ
  • The masjid is open for 5 daily prayers, madressah, friday prayers and eid prayers. Due to COVID-19 situation, the mosque opens 15mins before each prayer and closes 15mins after the prayer.
    There is also a separate section for ladies prayer.

General Announcements

  • Download 2020 Prayer timetable
  • Abu bakr mosque june 2018 newsletter.
  • The mosque is open for visits. Use the Mosque Visit page to book a visit.
  • Abu Bakr mosque will still be open as usual for all daily prayers and activities even when the new mosque on mill road is operational
  • If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for the centre, please use the Contact Us page.

Hadith Of The Day

Saying of the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.:

Narrated Anas bin Mālik (RA): Allah's Messenger (PBUH) never proceeded for Salat on the Day of Eid Al-Fitr unless he had eaten some dates. Anas also narrated: The Prophet (PBUH) used to eat odd no. of dates