Abu Bakr Masjid
Masjid Opening times:
WE ARE STILL CLOSED FOR NOW UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. Read more when we will reopen and other COVID-19 updates.

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Your Mosque still needs you! Please carry on donating. Account Name: Cambridge Muslim Welfare Society Account Number: 01672856 Sort-code: 30-13-55 Jazaak Allah.


AFTER REVIEWING WE ARE STILL CLOSED AND WE WILL REVIEW THE MOSQUE CLOSURE AGAIN AT THE END OF THE MONTH. We will update the site when the mosque will reopen, please check this space. Carry on praying at home,including Jummah which should be replaced by your four rakat zuhr prayers and Insha Allah we will get through this.

COVID-19 Support for the needy provided by Abu Bakr Mosque Cambridge.

Abu Bakr mosque has launched a service to provide support to our community and local residents in need irrespective of their religious beliefs and/or backgrounds during this pandemic.

We are currently providing following support:
+ Help with prescription pick-up
+ Help with shopping supply
+ Online Peer support, including women's counselling
+ Spiritual and moral support
+ Q&A and live talks with our Imam

Feel free to reach out to us.
Contact details:
Mahmood Dar: 07779856178
Imam A Karim: 07861469095

For those who wish to pen words of support for our front-line heroes battling the Covid-19 crisis, please send your messages of gratitude or prayers via email to be displayed on our website and social media.

Our prayers are with the whole community especially those effected by the crisis. May Allah protect us all and accept our supplications for each other.

Our virtual doors are still open to ALL...Tune in to listen to our daily live programme on mixlr/livestreaming.

Mosque Streaming Programme

All available on mixlr

Live talk from the mosque

By Our Imam Sheikh Amir Karim

Please note the PLAY button will only appear if there is a talk currently happening in the mosque, if there is no play button it means there is no talk currently happening.

Imam A Karim is on Mixlr

Coronavirus Talk delivered in the mosque

By Dr. Hamid Jalal, Virology Consultant at Addenbrooke's Hospital